Our Services

Empowerment, Recovery & Treatment

Addiction Counselling

These sessions are intended to explore the major reasons why the addiction happened – some of which are the behavior and the motivations that led to it. This type of counselling is intended to help the individual to be aware of their actions and better understand themselves. It’s a very important process of the recovery.

Group Counselling

This is a form of psychotherapy which involves experience group therapists and a number of clients at the same time. It’s a regular weekly meeting where an open forum is provided for members to share issues concerning them and offer support and feedback for each other.

Psycho Education

This is a self-awareness program. Persons with thorough understanding of the challenges they are facing, how to cope, their weaknesses and strengths are able to better address difficult situations, feel more in control and have greater internal capacity too work towards mental and emotional wellbeing.

Family Therapy

This program treats the entire family, from the recoveree to the significant others affected by the addition of their loved one. Addiction can significantly affect families by impairing the functioning, health, and overall well-being of every family member. The essence of family therapy is to create a supportive family environment which plays an important role in the recovery process.

Medical Detox

This program is specialized and designed for the recoveree to help him through the physical withdrawal process. A comprehensive medical assessment by our medics and ongoing management of these withdrawal symptoms are safe and conducted in a comfortable environment. Getting clean and sober is a key step in your recovery process.

Aftercare Support

Psycho Social support is continuing support and care bearing in mind that it should promote a sense of safety, calming, self and community efficacy, social connectedness as well as hope, we provide this service to the recoveree and to the significant others after the active recovery process. Recovery is a journey and a journey that needs support one day at a time.


Life Skills Training

These are skills you need to make the most out of life. They are designed to help develop self confidence and successfully deal with life changes, problems and issues encountered in life. These include: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making along with personal and social responsibility that contribute to good citizenry.